Sell With Us

Having a clear-out?  Like to make a bit of extra cash?  Why not let us sell your items on your behalf and make 40% of the sale price once the item has sold.

We accept season appropriate, CLEAN, high st and designer label clothing, shoes and accessories that are in excellent condition, no more than 4-5 years old, without rips, fading, stains or alterations. 

reclotheme sell with us

It’s so easy, just make contact with us and we can arrange a time for you to bring in your items for selection.

How It Works

We will give you a temporary receipt recording the items we would love to sell on your behalf and take your contact details, including your bank account number and if you wish any unsold items* to be donated (preferred) or returned.

Once your items have been priced (this can take up to four weeks), you'll receive an email from us with the consignment list attached.  If you would like a certain reserve price on a particular item please let us know.

Your items will be with us for a minimum of eight-ten weeks (after around week 6 we will reduce the price and place the item on the "sales rack").  The eight weeks run from when the priced items go into the shop – not from the date of receiving them.

Unsold items*:

Although we do our best to choose items that will appeal to our customers and promote them both in the shop and online, some things don’t sell in the agreed time frame.  If that happens we either:

1. Donate unsold items (preferred option) to Dress for Success, Oxford Boutique or Nurse Maude; or

2. Email you to collect your unsold items.  As we have a very small storage space items MUST be collected within a 10 day period of emailing.  There is a lot of manual admin with this option so we will not send reminder emails, text or call.  Please keep an eye on your emails (including junk/spam box) around the 8 week mark. You are also welcome to email or call to enquire as to the expiry date.

If items are not collected within the 10 day period they will then become the property of re.Clotheme and be donated as per #1 above.

reclotheme jeans

Payment for any sold items will be paid out to you around the end of each month by direct credit into your account.  Alternatively you can use the money as store credit with re.Clotheme.

Although we do our best, we may not have time to look thru items at the time of drop-off but will select items we would like to consign within 1-2 days of drop-off.  You will then be notified by text of any un-selected pieces to be collected.  These must be collected within ONE week of notification or will be donated to one of the charities we support. NOTE we will not hold un-consigned items for longer than ONE WEEK.

Please Note

We are currently only accepting seasonal Women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.